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[Music] well Humana one of the largest insurance companies in the United States is that they're going to exit Obamacare and of course this is part of the death spiral of Obamacare whether or not the GOP wants to repeal it reality is repealing Obamacare and this is a very serious issue this is twenty percent of the economy that is tied up in the healthcare economy that's one fifth of our economy and understand that it was Obamacare and it was immigration that got the GOP elected to Congress that's where the Democrats lost a thousand plus seats on those two issues and of course they were the two key issues for Donald Trump so what is being done about this we understand that the mandated levels of care are so high that is not working for end-users and it's certainly not working for insurance companies want to talk about what's going on with these failed mergers of the insurance companies and the regulations that have come out the executive orders from Donald Trump as well as the first executive orders from Tom Tom Price the health secretary that just took office but understand that in order to get this to work they have mandated such high levels of health care that they have to hold a gun to our head to make us get it and so that's part of what the IRS mandates are about and because people can't afford this they start to game the system so they get in and out whenever they have a need they get end and when they don't have a need they try to get out as soon as possible now the first thing that Donald Trump did was an executive order that quote said we're going to provide relief from Obamacare to individuals and insurers within the boundary of the law because of course Obamacare hasn't been repealed yet so what they did and we just saw this happen yesterday we saw that the IRS said that they're not going to reject silent returns in other words if you file an income tax return and you don't check out check the box and give them the information about whether or not you're rolled in Obamacare they're not going to immediately reject your return now this is not something that's new what was going to be new was that beginning this year they were going to reject the return so it's essentially enforcing the status quo the IRS is going to step up the regulation say whatever you want to take your tax return if you don't give us this information to start with and now they're saying well we're not going to do that it's pretty mild at the most here because they can still come after you now yesterday we had Tom Price put out his first proposals as health secretary and under this proposed rule and we read you what's happening here people who do not receive health insurance from an employer would have six weeks instead of three months to sign up for coverage during open enrollment so they've tightened that up that's what the insurance companies wanted it also said they're going to put in place stronger betting practices to make sure those who buy plans outside of...